About Rebecca Lee

Rebecca Lee is a 23-year old freelance writer and online content producer based in Manila, Philippines. She has given talks and conducted workshops to thousands of students, freelancers, and entrepreneurs about telling stories online. Her works have been published in WhenInManila.com, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Candy Magazine, Chalk Magazine, and Chinoy.TV. She founded the internship program of WhenInManila.com, which she supervised from Batches 1 to 3 (June 2016 – April 2018). She also rebranded the Chinoy.TV website. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of the Philippines Diliman in June 2017 with a degree in Broadcast Communication.

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About ThePassionProject.PH

The Passion Project is Rebecca Lee’s brainchild. It started as a personal blog, went through an identity crisis and became a lifestyle blog, before it slowly morphed into what it is now: a lifestyle website that also offers resources for fellow creatives and creators.

Considering how much time we spend working, our jobs heavily impact our satisfaction and perception: how we position ourselves in the world around us.

There are endless resources for crafters and creatives. Our online portfolios are like our virtual showroom. There are endless YouTube tutorials. Social media allows us to connect with potential customers and to build communities around our craft. But somehow, these aren’t always enough. Time and time again, I’ve met brilliant creatives who are not satisfied with the jobs that take up most of their time. They are overworked, underpaid, and frustrated.

In the same way that there are so many resources around us, we are also inundated with both internal and external hindrances. We battle fear and self-doubt. We often feel too overwhelmed to start. We suffer from indecision; nothing gets done. We don’t know how to manage our time. We suddenly run out of ideas. Clients refuse to pay us. Clients ask us for a hundred (unpaid) revisions. There are weeks and months when we don’t get enough freelance gigs to pay the bills.

Yet there are some people who thrive despite these hindrances. ThePassionProject.PH collects stories from thriving creators and crafters. It’s a home to honest and personal accounts of how they arrive at brilliant ideas and how they execute them. It mixes both practical lifehacks and inspirational insights.

Maybe you’re a writer, photographer, graphic designer, blogger, vlogger, Instagrammer, jewelry maker, sculptor, or fashion designer. No matter what stage you are on or what your passion is, you’re welcome here. I’m excited to learn with you and from you!