Lifted Lashes: A Review of KeraLift from Strokes by Momoi Supe

I’ve underestimated lashes for way too long. The first time a makeup artist put falsies on my face, I saw my monolid eyes (and my face) in a whole new light. My eyes looked wide awake sans the double eyelid surgery that most Chinitas would opt for! But wearing false lashes every day was too much trouble.

When I tried semi-permanent falsies that supposedly last for a few weeks, my eyes got itchy and irritated. My movements were also restricted. I couldn’t wash my face properly. I had to be careful with my sleeping positions; I didn’t want to squish my lashes. The falsies kept hitting my glasses, too! Semi-permanent lashes looked beautiful, but they weren’t practical.

Eventually, I gave up on both falsies and semi-permanent extensions.

But my love for lashes was rekindled when I tried the KeraLift procedure at Strokes. It was recommended to me by my former teammate and good friend Mae Ilagan. One day, she arrived at our meeting with made up lashes, lips, and eyebrows—and she didn’t have any makeup on. (Except for a lip balm.) Of course, I had to know everything about it. A couple of weeks later, I found myself at the new branch of Strokes at Vertis North. (Their first branch was in Greenbelt).

I tried the Keralift procedure, and life will never be the same! I already had KeraLift twice: once in February and another one in April. Here are some photos of my lashes from both procedures.

First Procedure: February 2018: (Before, During, After) 

You’ll notice from the Before photo that my lashes are barely visible. After the procedure, I realized that my lashes are actually long–they’re just invisible because they’re pointing downwards!

April 2018 (Before, During, After)

Ideally, you’re supposed to return after a month. But I returned after almost two months. As you can see in the first photo below, some strands were still lifted. Others were pointed downward again. That’s why I made sure to go for a second visit.

Here are some reasons why I absolutely loved KeraLift by Strokes!

1. There are no foreign objects attached to your lashline, so there are no irritations.

Unlike disposable and semi-permanent falsies, the KeraLift procedure does not use falsies. They work with what you have. They simply curl your own natural lashes and add a tint to make it look thicker. My eyes didn’t get red or itchy during or after the treatment. It felt like I had nothing on, which is true–because there was no foreign object added to my lashline.

Strokes offers the first and only FDA-approved and registered keratin lash lift in the Philippines. KeraLift is a keratin-infused lash enhancement treatment that boasts of only natural ingredients directly from the U.S. It is free of thioglycolate acid.


2. It looks natural—but can be glammed up when you want to.

You can opt for a natural lift or a more intense lift. I chose the latter. Unlike falsies, I can still apply mascara on my lifted lashes without ruining them!


3. I can still wear my glasses.

This is a really big deal! I don’t have contact lenses, so I didn’t want to sacrifice safety and comfort just for vanity. If you look closely, you’ll see that my lashes aren’t hitting my eyeglasses.

4. It’s low maintenance.

What’s low maintenance for one person may be perceived as extremely maarte by others. I personally find this procedure low maintenance because I’ve tried other more high maintenance kinds of kaartehan (like falsies daily or semi-permanent lashes). The KeraLift procedure takes me around 60-90 minutes once a month or once in two months. But because of it, I don’t have to curl my lashes whenever I put on makeup. I no longer put on falsies. I rarely put on mascara.


5. The visits are pleasant.

The staff is friendly and accommodating. They serve their customers refreshments upon their arrival. They don’t make you wait for long, either. There was never a mix-up with my appointment schedule. The place is always clean and smells amazing! They do the KeraLift procedure on a comfy massage chair, and they hand you a soft blanket. (I always fall asleep!)


If you want a more visual explanation of what KeraLift is like, Vivien from made a video documenting the procedure!


This blog post is filed under Unsponsored Blog Posts because I didn’t receive cash for this review. However, for full disclosure, I did receive this service for free. Even if it weren’t free, I’d still highly recommend it. (I’ve already recommended it to family and friends, one of whom has started to add this to her monthly schedule!)

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