My Favorite Filipina Bloggers (Who Are Not Lifestyle Bloggers)

Almost my entire Instagram and Pinterest feed are full of content by lifestyle bloggers. It’s an everyday barrage of posts about food, travel, style, and beauty. And I’m not complaining—I enjoy consuming that kind of content. 
But there are days when I want to lessen my consumption of posts that make me want to spend—when I crave for career-related tips (or just self-improvement tips, in general).
Today is one of those days. One of my major roadblocks in getting things done for my blog is obsessing about niche and branding. While I want my website to feature lifestyle stories too, I wanted articles that tackled career and self-improvement. That’s why lately, I’ve just been browsing websites that did just that. 
This list was initially for myself—to learn from my go-to websites and to try to analyze why they resonate with me. But since they helped me, I thought of sharing them to others, too.

1.) The Mad Muse by Sofia Cope (

I found out about Sofia Cope during my early college days, when my friend Jen gushed about her. I was never into collage art, but Sofia’s works were the exception. They look beautiful! And at a time when all Instagram photos look so similar, her works just stood out. 
“Sofia is a graphic designer, artist, and content creator. She works with artists and brands on finding emotionally intelligent ways of expressing themselves through design, marketing, and the creative arts. She is also notorious for contemplating on the many facets of the human experience through her personal stories and surrealistic collage artworks — always arriving at the conclusion that Creativity, Vulnerability, and Love are our ultimate superpowers, yet always forgotten or misplaced. She hopes to help you remember.”
She offers a step-by-step workshop on how to do digital collages! ( I enjoyed her class because of how thorough and hands-on the tutorials were.

2.) The Purposeful Creative by Arriane Serafico (

I’m not the biggest fan of “motivational” fluff that doesn’t provide anything actionable. “Live, laugh, love! Just do your best! Believe in yourself, and you’re halfway there! You can do it!”
That’s why I really enjoy Arriane’s content. She comes up with practical and relevant tips for creatives—complete with printable checklists and workbooks and free e-courses. She has blog posts on pricing your work, branding your website, preparing for the New Year, finding your tribe, and funding your passion projects and side hustles.
Arriane is a brand and digital strategist. She helps why-driven women turn their creative ideas into tangible products or services that people will understand, share, and buy. She helps translate that purpose into a story and a marketing or business strategy and build a community around that core message.
She has a free course on branding and a printable branding checklist, too! (

3.) Bless this Mess by Mikka Wee ( 

Unlike the other items in this list, this isn’t its own website. It’s a weekly column under Preen. “Here at Preen, we’re fully aware that adult life doesn’t always go as smoothly (and look as beautiful) as curated Instagram feeds.”

Bless this Mess is a weekly column about “the ups and downs that come with adulting and living.” The writer behind it is Mikka Wee, a former food editor-turned-working gal in Singapore.

“Adulting” and “living” are obviously very broad topics. She writes about books, her dog Rocket, moving abroad, marriage, being single, having a creative life outside your 9-5, and more. I like her column because regardless of the topic, her articles are always an engaging read. Reading her column is like talking to a smart friend you can always both relate to and learn from.


I hope you found this list helpful! I’m coming up with a new blog post about the international bloggers I love learning from, and value-adding email newsletters I subscribe to.